Contract Access for

Non-Consortium Agencies

Need a contract to do business, but lack resources to do an RFP? We can help. VHEPC makes many of our cooperative contracts available for any agency to use. Public and private colleges, K-12 school systems, health institutions, cities, municipalities—any organization a vendor approves—all can leverage our leverage. You’ll have access to the price discounting and potential incentives negotiated for VHEPC members. 

Our publicly accessible contracts are posted on our public portal where you can easily search by vendor or commodity and service areas.

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What People Have To Say

Judy Kendrick

Procurement Coordinator
University Housing, University of Arkansas

Utilizing the Virginia Higher Education Procurement Consortium (VHEPC) contract, the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville was able to obtain a cooperative contract for laundry services that was nationally bid without the need for a lengthy RFP process.

Becky Laman

SVP of Strategy at TimelyCare

“At a time when colleges, universities and state systems are seeking leadership and guidance to support the mental health, basic needs and overall well-being of students, VHEPC took the administrative burden off of its member campuses by identifying, vetting and facilitating opportunities that create tangible outcomes for student success. TimelyCare works with procurement teams across the country, and what’s most impressive about VHEPC is how they not only prioritized improving the health and well-being of students in Virginia, but also considered a broader impact of student support by making the purchasing process easier for other states, too.”