Vendor Partnership

VHEPC partners with vendors nationwide . Our data analytics capability enables us to structure cooperative contracts based on full-spend potential of the 36 schools the Consortium represents. So while you may initially do business with just one of our members, there’s lucrative opportunity to partner with many more—without having to spend time and money on additional RFPs. And because we make our contracts available to other agencies, your growth opportunities are even greater. In 2021, our vendors earned $50 million in non-Consortium spend with multiple organizations in multiple states.

Supplier Diversity

We actively cultivate a diverse supplier roster and welcome the talents and perspectives that small businesses and minority-, women-, veteran-owned businesses bring to the table. We currently have 57 SWAM Certified Vendors in our contract portfolio!

VHEPC is proud to partner with VASCUPP’s SWAMFest, and we encourage our vendors both large and small to sponsor, attend, and support this important event. Please visit SWAMFest for more information:

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